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The Power of Partnership
Power of Partnership - Power of Partnership


Principles and Practices for Creating Strategic Relationships Among Nonprofit Groups, For-Profit Organizations, and Government Entities

By The Plexus Consulting Group, LLC

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All too often, the big dreams of visionary leaders are rendered smaller – or worse, nonstarters – by the resource limitations of a single organization. But pool the power of two or more complementary organizations that share a goal, and those dreams can become realities. Indeed, smart organizations view the pursuit of carefully chosen alliances as integral to strategy. They achieve more in partnership with other organizations than would otherwise be possible.

The best partnerships are deliberate, well-defined, and most importantly, tied to strategic imperatives. Effective partnering demands forethought and hard work – both in identifying opportunities and prospective partners and in creating and managing the relationships in ways that produce the desired results. The Power of Partnership, itself the outgrowth of a cooperative research effort by ASAE & The Center for Association Leadership and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, digs into the distinguishing characteristics, principles, practices, and application among effective partnerships.

The Power of Partnership focuses on conclusions drawn from the study of partnerships among nonprofit organizations, for-profits, and government entities. The book's preparation comprised virtual discussion groups with association and other industry leaders, interviews with partnering organizations, case studies, and secondary research into the topic of partnership. The result is insight into a key strategic weapon for leaders and organizations bent on achieving their dreams.


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